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Embracing local magic with Singa Printing

Hey there, lovely folks of Edrial Hayward! 🕯️🌱 Join us on a whimsical adventure behind the scenes at the heart of our little world of candles and fragrances. At Edrial Hayward, we're not just in the business of creating beautiful scents; we're all about weaving sustainability and good vibes into every aspect of our craft.

Today, we're spotlighting our incredible partnership with the local wizards of print, Singa These folks aren't just any printers; they're our print-crafting maestros!

Reducing Carbon Footprint: Our Local Guardians Of course, we all know that saving the planet is a must-do these days, but guess what? It's also an absolute blast. By teaming up with

Singa Printing right here in our Singapore neighbourhood, we're saying no to long-distance shipping and embracing the beauty of local magic. It's like giving our planet a sweet eco-hug on our home turf.

Fast and Reliable Service: Our Speedy Allies You love our fragrant creations; we adore getting them to you instantly! We fell head over heels for Singa Printing's quick and dependable service. They ensure your orders reach you quickly so you can enjoy our delightful scents pronto.

Value for Money: Our Budget-Friendly Companions Being a small business, we get that being budget-savvy is essential. Singa Printing makes that dream come true. No hefty international shipping costs mean more savings for you. It's a win-win – budget-friendly and oh-so-convenient!

Natural Kraft Paper: Our Durable and Stylish Champs Our candles and fragrances aren't just about scent – they're about quality and style, too. That's why we're smitten with Singa Printing's choice of natural Kraft paper. This robust stuff doesn't just protect our packaging; it adds a touch of rustic charm to our products. Plus, it's the perfect fit for our brand, helping us add flair to everything we do.

In a world recognizing the magic of local businesses, we're here to prove that embracing the local touch doesn't mean sacrificing excitement and style. It's all about adding a dash of homegrown magic to our journey!

As we continue our colourful adventure, thank you for being part of our story. Thank you for choosing Edrial Hayward and being part of our quest to make the world a little more colourful, one scent at a time. Together, we'll create magic and bring joy to the world! 🌈🪄 #LocalMagic #ShopLocal #EdrialHaywardMagic #singaprinting

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