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Candle Store Owner

Our Stockists

Edrial Hayward candles can be found in a number of retail locations across Singapore

1.) Kevin Seah


Offering an incomparable selection of the finest cloth, catering to each client’s individual needs and tastes, KEVIN SEAH specialises in design-savvy garments balancing classic elegance and contemporary comfort. Proudly Singaporean, we celebrate our Southeast Asian origins while embracing the best craftsmanship and materials the world has to offer.

2.) Choisi Par

Choisi Par.webp

Choisi Par's mission is to bring a modern French living lifestyle to you all the way from France. Choisi Par, believe that your home should reflect your own personal style. Like our brand chosen by you. Each corner of your life should be eye-catching and unique, just like you. Choisi Par is dedicated to helping you discover your own design personality.

3.) Chez Suzette


Nestled in the corner of Teck Lim Road, Chez Suzette welcomes you through her glass-panelled doors and envelopes you in the warmth of her hospitality, right from the moment you enter. We would like for you to think of this space as an escape from the fast-paced life in Singapore, a space where you can savour the present moment, inhale the positive vibes and enjoy the comforts we provide with good company and heartfelt conversations.

4.) Poasia


Poasia's wish is to make you discover the crafts and traditions in Asia. Poasia love discovering unique products and people's stories behind them.⁠ These findings we want to share these with you. We aim to find unique products made by local artisans for your modern and inspired home.

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